Update on Proposed “Bayani” park, Filipino-American Veteran’s Park

The planning for the proposed Filipino-American Veterans Park in the Cota Vera, Chula Vista is moving forward. The idea to call it the “Bayani” Filipino-American Veterans Park has been floated by Laura Handschumacher the Landscape Architech of the City of Chula Vista and by Don Ross of the HomeFed Corporations, the developer of the site. The updated set of plans will reflect this proposed name. An added element of this park is the proposed Filipino-American Veterans Monument. It’s an 30 feet by 20 feet plaform showcasing a segmented wall on the back of the platform symbolizing the three big islands in the Philippines– Luzon, Vizayas and Mindanao. The idea behind these names and the theme of the park is to honor the sacrifices of the Filipino-Americans who served in the US military and to recognize the contributions of the Filipino-American community to the USA. More detailed information about his project can be found in the Jun 14- 20 issue of the Filipino Press. It’s also available on their Digital Paper website at


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