Featuring Ms Edivina (Vina) Gan, UPI Member

Miss Vina Gan donated $500 cash to UPI at the association’s May meeting. Teddy Datuin, UPI CEO/President; Ernie Liwag, UPI CFO; and Oscar Sa. Garcia ,UPI Chair of Board of Directors, received the donation from Vina.

Vina is a local Farmers Insurance Agency Owner with 30 years of experience in the industry. She realized most of our fellow Filipinos are underinsured or their policies do not fit their needs. She offers her help to review their policies not necessarily to buy from her but to make sure they carry the right coverage to protect their assets. She says “Let’s protect our own Kababayans first by sharing information”.

Vina belongs to church organizations, Rotary Club, Filipino Empowerment Groups, and Filipino American Chamber of Commerce North San Diego (FACC-NSD). She donates when she can. She believes at times that it comes back in thousand folds. She’s always thankful to God for all the blessings He sends her way.

As VP of Filipino American Chamber of Commerce North San Diego (FACC-NSD), she wants to show to all Filipino organizations the importance of collaboration. FACC-NSD can share resources that can benefit the Filipino community.  The more organizations FACC-NSD connects with, the faster FACC-NSD can disseminate the information that is available to benefit the organizations’ members. She hopes to help each other’s organization with the common purpose of seeking the greater good for fellow Filipinos both in the private and business sectors. 

Although her business clients are mostly non-Filipinos, she observes that fellow Filipinos tend to compete instead of working together. She does things differently she says. If she cannot write the proper insurance policy, she looks for a Filipino agent whether working at Allstate or Statefarm to write it for her if they can.  One of FACC-NSD’s goals in the business community is to change the mentality by supporting Filipino owned businesses.

She truly believes that if Filipinos all come together with one voice and one mission then we all can win together. She did not donate for recognition: It’s not much she said. She hopes that it’s a start for other businesses to follow suite.

She asks to join in any of FACC-NSD’s events and meet Filipino business owners. Some of them share their successes and blessing especially if they identify with the mission and vision of UPI.  

Vina is new with UPI and would like to learn more about the association’s leadership and membership. She’d like to know UPI’s Executive Board members backgrounds or BIO so she can properly introduce them at FACC-NSD’s event on June 12th. 

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